Sunday, March 4, 2012

Woodpeckers Don't Suffer Brain Damage

Birds are fascinating creatures with so much freedom. In observing them carefully, characteristics of humanity can be identified.

Humans are free too, and some live in their freedom better than others, due to external as well as internal factors.

Birds also possess protective natures and they know they are vulnerable.

Humans are vulnerable too, some can protect themselves better than others. Some need others to help them be protected, and some protect others, because that is their job.

Sometimes, even birds, in their great ability to be free, fail to protect themselves from predators.

Birds, like humans, come in all shapes, and sizes.

Some birds fly and work together, like the Pelicans.

Some Woodpeckers work alone.

Woodpeckers actually bang their head into wood to look for food, send signals and to breed.

They are an odd creature, making an interesting noise, doing creative work. Yet they are beautiful and resilient, even when they continuously "knock on wood." They were designed with built in protection from injury. This act is just part of their nature.

Most humans don't literally "bang their heads on wood" on a daily basis, but life can sure seem that way sometimes. The human soul has the capability for resiliency that protects us and allows us to do our jobs, live life, and be free, even in our vulnerability. Yet sometimes, humans do suffer "brain damage", "heart damage" and other types of damage, because of our humanity.

Sanibel Island, 2010

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