Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking Time To Love...Ourself

Valentine's Day

It is all about love...
chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals and jewelry

Is it really about love?
melting, calories, dying, dusty, and rusty,

All of these tangibles fade

True love is finding the inner peace for ourself and then being that to someone else

I wonder if we take the time to give ourselves the gifts we need to truly love another?

Time, reflection, space, truth, creativity, food for thought, solitude, peace, service, freedom.

How much better would we be in loving others, if we truly knew how to love ourselves in a way that nurtured us to be more whole as human beings.

Only then, will we really know what we are looking for, and what love really looks like.

Simply Loving Soul
Sanibel, FL 12'

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