Sunday, January 2, 2011


Throughout the four mile drive/walk of the wildlife refuge, birds congregate in hidden places. They are not just creatures that fly and fish, they embody symbols of life in such intricate ways. At least this is what I have come to learn by careful observation. As I watched about thirty birds wade in the water waiting to catch a meal for the day, I was able to capture amazing images because of the shade and the sunshine. And I realized that humans are much like birds. This one is so graceful and beautiful, yet he does not see that, only the fish under the murky water. I wonder how often I miss my own reflection as I intensley focus on one thing but miss the bigger, grander picture of life at hand! In 2011, I hope I will look through larger lenses that will afford me the chance to see and love all of life that is meant to be appreciated both in the light and...when there is shade!
Reflecting Soul
Sanibel, Florida 10'

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