Monday, September 26, 2016

Shells Like Snowflakes


                                                                 September 26, 2016

Coquinas are really neat little shells but they often go overlooked. They are really only the size of a     dime or quarter. So they are hard to see when walking along the sand. And when they are alive they   are folded in half and burrow quickly in the sand at the water’s edge. These little clams are really quite interesting when one takes the time to analyze them. Each is so uniquely different then the next.

I have passed by Coquina Beach in Bradenton, Florida every day for a year on my way to work, never really thinking about the significance of these little creatures. I only noticed the beauty of the water and the sand.

In the last few weeks a good friend of mine started collecting lots of Coquinas. He is a scientist and     as he collected thousands of them and started pointing out how each one has a different pattern, I began to take notice. These little shells have individual patterns that are all different just like snowflakes.

My take away lesson from these little shells is that life is magnificent maybe greatest in the smallest detail. It is the little things in life that help to remind me to celebrate the beauty of each day. And Coquinas invite me to ponder the very special "miracles" of unique beauty that surround humanity     each day.

Reflective Soul
Longboat Key, FL

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