Thursday, July 14, 2016

On an Island Each Day is the Same - Unique!

I made the decision to move to the beach about twenty-five years ago, however I never actually moved until a year ago. I researched what it was like to live on the beach. I came across an article about living on the beach as a first year Floridian. The article suggested not to move to the beach. This author said that if you love the beach you should not move there. Reasons listed were that the love of it would grow old after a year. The sand would be a bother, the smell of fish would be discouraging, red-tide would be offensive, and it would get old.

I have been here a year...and it has never been better. My passion and love for the sun and the sea is undying. I have been in the gulf year round and every day it is the same - you can expect something different. The wind shifts cause the gulf to change appearance daily if not hourly. And each change is worth living here for.

Sunsets are unique every night, and I never tire of watching them. The only thing that is a discouragement are the lack of people witnessing one of the most amazing forms of free and thought provoking entertainment, the beauty and diversity of our sky.

Satisfies Soul 2016
Longboat Key, FL

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