Saturday, June 21, 2014

Space to Give

So many times in life each of needs a friend...just like the song lyrics "Lean on Me". But so often in life, we are all busy.

In the last year and a half, I went to eight funerals including three immediate family members. Life has been shady...too shady.

But the sun has come through the darkness in the form of people. People have been my light. They have stepped in and removed the burdens of sadness and loss.

Some of my best friends were too busy to help me, while some of my acquaintances became my source of strength.

And through it, in Texas, while visiting one such person, under a deep blue sky and palm tree,  I realized that as humans, sometimes we have the space to give to another, and sometimes, we need to make space for others to give to us. And the warmth of knowing that life is like this brought about great healing.

And that is what makes life so clearly beautiful!

Galveston, Texas 2014

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