Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

                                                                 Creativity in Bloom

                                     I have not been to the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show...yet
                                                         It is the week of March the 3rd

                                              I heard it is wonderful and everything British!

                            The Philadelphia Flower Show is filled with artistic creations
                                   as well as innovations using flowers, shrubs and so much more..

                             What I do know is that the flower show is not just about flowers...
                     and people who may not particularly like flowers may find it very enjoyable!

                 I do not necessarily care for flowers very much. Sure they are fine for the table and
                 special occasions but I do not pride myself on the facts of names, climates, and details...

                  However, the special use of flowers to create beautiful displays of different uses and
                 environments is fabulous at the show. As an artist, I enjoy the arrangements,
                  uses and displays of flowers, and appreciate the ideas to feed my creativity.
                           It is amazing what is one inspired by when looking at flowers.

                                               Inspired by flowers, I created this poem...
                                                         (see this and more photos and poems published in
                               Reflect and Write: 300 Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing)



              By Laura P.

Hope grows

in the dearth


                                                                                                            (Photo taken in South Korea, 08')

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