Monday, October 22, 2012

Nature's Beauty in the Consistency of Change

                                                       I walk through the corridors of color
                                                           with crisp air and blue skies
                                                         my soul rejoices for a brief time
                                                          because I know that with the
                                                                   setting of the sun
                                                            the colors will quickly fade

                                                        The cold  will come soon enough
                                                          and the leaves will be no more
                                                                 color will disappear
                                                            and yet my soul is at peace

                                                   Nature will make changes to my world
                                                                    it will take away
                                                           but it will also remember to give
                                                             for light will still come forth
                                                                 through the barren trees
                                                    exposing me to a different perspective
                                                                        void of color
                                                                but open to new sights
                                                                     in shades of grey

                                                  Consistent Soul
                                                  MD, 2012

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