Friday, January 6, 2012

Living in Joy while Enduring Pain

I spent my Christmas vacation enjoying incredibly warm weather. The beach was beautiful with clear blue skies and warm weather. And while I had to embrace the outward beauty with my eyes, the hard shells beneath my feet reminded me of the inner pain my heart was carrying. While I enjoyed a warm winter vacation, my friend was enduring immense pain after a tragic holiday car accident that spared her life yet left another dead.

I reflected on life as I walked the solitary beach early one morning. And I was reminded of humanity all around and how frail we really are. Yet, as the ocean roared with movement, it reminded me of the resilience of life. And I embraced the fact that joy and pain must at times be friends.

So often pain seems to overshadow any beauty life may give, yet in acceptance that life is more beautiful than it is broken, joy can be a constant in this world.

Enduring Soul
Florida, 12'

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