Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looking Behind While Flying Forward

I know that flying high up in the sky is not everyone's favorite pastime. Somehow though, it is mine. I love the feeling of "endlessness" all around. Except when I look down. If I think about it for too long and too hard, my mind starts to implode with thoughts like...what have I put myself in...metal suspended 30,000 feet in the air? This may not be a logical choice. But when I look out the window and see where I came from, I am reminded of a beautiful view that can only come from this place, this perspective, and this death-defying experience. And life is like that. When the road ahead seems risky, looking back and not keeping the head down, gives us the strength and reminds us that behind was once ahead. It was beautiful and so flying forward will be just as delightful if not more so, as long as we keep the head up!

Flying Soul
Colorado 04'

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