Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Beach Retreat
I stayed an extra night in Ocean City, Maryland. The writing retreat had ended and mostly everyone had left the building. This was the perfect opportunity for a single writer's soul to pour out words over paper with a view of the ocean. It was lonely and it was cold but it was beautiful in its' own right. While waiting for that spectacular sunrise, I became momentarily disappointed. There really wasn't a bright sunrise. It was grey and cold but I eventually found...

Grey Inspiration

I waited for the sunrise

but I never saw it

Instead I stared into the distance

amazed only by the sound of the ocean waves

before me was the grey

from water to sky

the difference in color

only found at the horizon line

a change in hue of winter cold

disappointment became my first response

until I embraced acceptance

that this was my morning view

despite the choice of palette I disliked

I was thankful for the canvas

and the burst of pink hope peeking between the clouds

and I was inspired to stroke the words across my page

in my heart, and on paper, I was no longer blue

Inspired Soul

Ocean City, MD 11'

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  1. Hi Laura!

    It's Jenny, from the Winter Writer's Retreat. I enjoyed your poem, but not as much as I enjoyed your company during the retreat! I tried to friend you on facebook, but I was unsuccessful: I found your page, but for some reason I couldn't request friendship. So friend me, and if you'd like, link my blog to yours, too. I'm at: http://thewordmeisterwrites.blogspot.com

    Jenny Meister from Delmar, Delaware on facebook.

    Miss you, hope your teaching and writing are going well! :)