Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sometimes life tells us places are off limits, under construction, dangerous, and not possible to access. While walking on the boardwalk of a local New Jersey beach, I encountered an older woman peering through her binoculars. She commented on experiencing three seasons in one month. From there, we stood on the jetty and proceeded to exchange tales of travels to our many countries. She has been to fifty, and at seventy five years old, she is contemplating her next tour this summer. She bikes through each country. Had she not turned to me to commment on the weather, I would have never guessed the many paths she has weathered, standing before me watching birds. A few simple exchanges of words opened up deep conversation and encouragement to live life with unobsructed passion. Inspired to pursue the dreams within, I felt the sand between my toes, and began to ponder my next adventure.
Satisfied Soul in Avalon, NJ

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